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STREAMOTOR Launches New Free App for Google TV

If you ever wanted to watch great content from your favorite channel, right from your Android OS phone or tablet, Google TV is the place for you. Many channels now have apps that you can download from Google Play and install on whatever Android devices you have.

STREAMOTOR is pleased to have released one such app for DittyTV on Google TV, a 24/7 music focused broadcast app. Streamotor had already developed a Roku channel for DittyTV, but expanding into the Google TV space made sense for both DittyTV and Streamotor's continued push to become available to more audiences.

You can find this app, and any other Android apps by going to the Android App area of Google Play. If you have your Android OS devices registered with your Google account, you can sign up on your computer and select which Android devices you want the app to show up on.

You can also get the app to watch on your TV by using a device that has Google TV built in. One such device is the Sony Internet TV 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, pictured below.

Sony Internet TV 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

DittyTV App on a Television Screen

DittyTV App on an Android Phone

One advantage of using Streamotor for Google TV apps is the app continues to grow. The app has live sync with your video library as managed through the Streamotor video content management platform. As DittyTV creates new categories for their music, add new videos, or edit existing video information, it all updates automatically within the app itself. This is an excellent solution for content publishers who need the flexibility to grow and manage their content.

About Streamotor

STREAMOTOR is a streaming video solution that allows you to manage your online video content by organizing, customizing and publishing your videos. STREAMOTOR also provides customized channels and apps for platforms like Google TV and Roku as well as real-time access to valuable usage reports and analytics.

About DittyTV

DittyTV is a leading music-focused broadcast network for the Internet generation. Think of us as a traditional TV network with weekly shows that air (or stream in this case) at regularly scheduled times and dates. We create, produce, and broadcast episodic community driven programs focused around original music. DittyTV provides a place to discover unique, ground breaking artists while providing a forum for those artists, their stories, and their passions. Our shows highlight great musical communities, covering itís artists, issues, and inspirations from around the world - and around the corner.

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